Executive Summary


Vanessa Oliver Ward – President

The Omega Community Development Corporation has continued to maintain a strong presence throughout the City of Dayton in the program year. Focused on the following three pillars to strengthen the Northwest Dayton Community: Family Development, Youth Development, and Economic Development; the Omega CDC has experienced good success.

In the area of Family Development we are extremely proud of the role Omega CDC Street Advocates have played in reducing gun violence among gangs and groups. Through mentoring and 1-on-1engagemnt sessions, our Street Advocates have been instrumental in mediating disputes and building stronger relational supports for families and neighborhoods. We are pleased to share some of their successes in this annual report.

For the fifth year we have operated a Children’s Defense Fund Freedom School. In this report we share the good news about our impact in building and reinforcing strong summer readers prepared to achieve greater success when they returned to their schools! We are indebted to the sponsorships of United Way of Greater Dayton and the John Moore Society that enabled us to serve over 70 scholars, grades K-8.

Finally, we led the charge to assist in the development plans for the Omega Harvard Campus (formerly United Theological Seminary). Assisted by funds from the City of Dayton, the Omega CDC managed the demolition projects of two buildings; the former library and administrative office. A strategic Business Plan for Sustainability was completed with consultant, Dave Ramey President of the Strategic Leadership Associates, Inc., and some 30 key stakeholders from throughout the Dayton Community have been enlisted to envision the development of a new community center, The Hope Center for Families.

We want to thank everyone who had a hand in helping the Omega CDC fulfill its mission: The City of Dayton, United Way of Greater Dayton, the Dayton Public Schools, the Montgomery County and the members and leaders of the Omega Baptist Church.

Vanessa Oliver Ward
President, Omega CDC